Who has to control observance of traffic regulations and why?

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safety on roads and control of observance of traffic regulations who has to be engaged in it: Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, private companies or local authorities

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on October 05, 2018 on Yandex channel. Zen

Who has to control observance of traffic regulations and why?

On October 2, 2018 on VESTIE FM radio station there was an author's program of Sergey Artyomov to the subject «The Private Camera — not a Reason for Arbitrariness».
In transfer questions of use of cameras of automatic video fixing of traffic offenses and the conflict situations arising in this regard were considered. Such conflicts really began to arise after to in our country to this control system of a road situation allowed the private companies.
Various opinions, as with one, and on the other hand were on air voiced. The position was stated by leaders and radio listeners, opinions of lawyers sounded. It should be noted that to a consensus of the party did not come, and definite answers to the questions «Evil It or Benefit?», «Whether to Allow the Private Companies to Control Systems of Traffic Safety?» were not received.
I completely agree with opinion which sounded on air more than once: installation of mobile cameras turned into business. And the main problem here that the purpose of those who this business are engaged, is at all not improving road safety, not decrease in number of traffic offenses and the road accidents where people lose health, and at times and life. Their purpose (and it is stated in the charter of any commercial organization) is receiving profit. And it means that the more will break, the more there will be a profit of the owner of the camera. As result - the cameras on roads are tried to be mounted, is as much as possible reserved, from an ambush. Such methods fill the pockets, but do not save life. Though the main objective of use of means of technical control has to traffic safety is.
In one of earlier published articles, the similar situation already understood on a concrete example. Only comparison then was with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. As it is possible to see in that comparison, a situation almost similar here, first of all for and tasks – to hide as it is possible more deeply and by that to reveal as much as possible violations. A difference only in motivation: at some it to earn, and at others to implement the plan for protocols. Here only to the purposes of safety of citizens on highways and decrease in number of victims in this list of the place for some reason was not in accidents.
Besides those reasons which we already repeatedly discussed in the previous articles (statistics, planned targets and so forth), in this case, I think, it is worth allocating one more: regarding ensuring public order and safety we too counted upon the equipment. Yes, we live in a century of technical progress and high technologies in all spheres of human activity, and it is difficult to argue with it. Certainly, hardware of police has to keep up to date. However the principle «The equipment instead of the person» for law-enforcement activity does not approach, and today, and even in the near future. The equipment can add and strengthen possibilities of police officers, but not replace them.
The surveillance camera can record in what place in what time and how you fell a victim of crime, but it will not be able to come to the rescue to you and to stop crime. As well as will not be able to prevent it: criminals understood technical aspects of operation of surveillance cameras long ago and ceased to be afraid of them. There are many cases when a crime was committed defiantly in an area of coverage of cameras, and in the final the criminal showed indecent gesture in a lens. I will not carry out educational programs about what ways they for this purpose use, I will tell only one - it does not represent special complexity.
With the systems of video fixing of traffic offenses a situation similar - the device only fixes violation, but cannot stop, quickly stop it such violator, having limited his dangerous actions. And the quantity of ways of deception of technical means of control becomes more and more every year.
Quite often in a news about the next tragedy on the road it becomes clear that the driver because of whom there was an incident before fatal collision passed, nearly the half-cities, violating all rules, and more than once got to lenses of surveillance cameras. Unfortunately, similar cases are not single. The number of traffic police officers of traffic police on roads from year to year becomes less. Only for 2018 the number of inspectors on roads was laid off approximately by 18%. Especially strange such personnel decisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation look taking into account that the extent of highways in Russia increases on average by 2.5-3% a year, approximately at the same rates also the number of units of motor transport grows.
Considering all above it is possible to make the unfavourable forecast – the number of the resonant road accidents with victims will begin to grow in the nearest future.
In some regions complexes of technical means of control of traffic transfer to fixed assets of local authorities, however it does not change a situation to the best. Upon local authorities give the chance to watch a situation from outside, but do not give the chance to influence a situation because they have for this purpose no legal tools. Perhaps, it would be worth thinking also of how local governments could solve independently problems of safety on roads. Especially as practice of the solution of the problematic issues condemned in article exists, and very successful. As foreign experience which we considered in the cycle of articles of the same name, in many countries shows these problems quite successfully the municipal police solves. Both stationary, and mobile complexes of fixing of traffic offenses are under its authority. And such approach is quite logical as the main task of municipal police stated in the law, this safety of people. And for the solution of this task technical means of control only one of tools, but not a way of generation of profit.

I want to express huge gratitude for the help in writing of this and other articles to Semyon Yulianov. In the blog Semyon states the opinion of current problems in activity of law enforcement agencies of our country and shares stories from own practice. In its articles objective and critical judgments well mix up with venomous comments and flashing humour. I am personally familiar with Semyon many years, this is the Professional from capital letter, more than a quarter of the century given to service in bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Prosecutor's office.

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