The first stage of the Municipal Police of Russia project is completed

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On December 1, 2017 the website of our public initiative was let into networks, during this time we tried to explain in detail an essence of our project, its purpose and a task, now a year later we will sum up the first results

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The first stage of the «Municipal Police of Russia» project is completed

Exactly a year ago on December 1, 2017 the website of our public initiative was let into networks. Were created a bit later - group on social network VKontakte and the channel on Yandeksdzen service.
During this time we tried, as much as possible in detail to explain an essence of our initiative, the purpose, a task and the reason. More than 60 articles were prepared and published, part of them was devoted to the analysis of foreign experience, a part of domestic. Also considerable share of publications was directed to statement of arguments in defense of an initiative and answers to criticism. Still we published the materials sent by our subscribers in several articles and gave answers to their questions.
Now a year later it is possible to sum up the first results.
The main outcome of the first stage is that the initiative has no support, neither state, nor public.
About a position of authorities we did not create special illusions, here all was predictable from the very beginning. We repeatedly sent information on an initiative with specific proposals of its realization to federal and regional bodies of legislative and executive power.
The result was always one, at first the letter that information is accepted then the same sample answer which essence, in simple terms, consisted of a phrase – to us it not interesting. Though it is possible almost from 100% confidence to tell that none of representatives of authorities the letter with the offer at least theoretically to consider our initiative did not even read.
As for the interest of the public, and here the result was approximately same, to tell more precisely - it was not too. The number of subscribers of group in a year was 207 people, 39 subscribed for the canal. From them active participants (though it is very conditional in this case category too) there were about 20 people, are those who at least sometimes commented on the published posts, sent the questions, offers and articles.
But in general it is possible to call result of the first stage satisfactory, the initiative worked as some kind of research of public opinion. Such purpose was also put at the first stage, to understand the relation of the population and authorities to our project.
The matter is that any initiative, not important public it or state, is the answer to this or that problem. If the problem is relevant, then society, or supports such initiative, or is not present, but anyway shows to the proposed solution interest, in a positive or negative key.
If society shows absolute indifference to the offered initiative, so the problem which this initiative is designed to solve, is not relevant for society.
Developing an initiative, we specified crime, more precisely its grassroots level, namely crimes and other offenses which are committed on streets and in other public places as a problem. In a nutshell that a main objective was considerable to increase safety level on streets of our cities.
The position and how the solutions proposed in an initiative could change the current situation to the best we rather in detail stated in the Explanatory note to the bill and also articles where we separately sorted each disputed issue.
But as showed reality, we were mistaken and obviously exaggerated problem scales. Judging by total absence of any public reaction to an initiative, questions of crime and safety are not relevant for society.

the note - is possible that the technical translation system can distort washed away the further text. In this regard I explain that the selected fragment of the text located below makes sarcastic sense.
But on the other hand, unless the fact that our citizens feel on streets in perfect security can not please, trust police and assess its work positively. On the world map there are not a lot of countries which residents can brag of such high level of safety.
There are in vain we in the articles criticized actions of the management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. Crime problem time in our country are not relevant for society, so all of them do correctly and the criticism in their address is deprived of objectivity. In that case we recognize, were not right. If so goes further, then our grandsons will know about crime, only from textbooks of history.

Well, and if that is serious, probably, those were right who, still right at the beginning told that an initiative good, but time for it did not come yet. It is necessary that all went according to the habitual scenario, and for this purpose it is necessary that at first «The thunder burst …».
Unfortunately, at us everything is constructed by such principle. Means, we will wait, we have no times of other choice.
Anyway work on the project on creation in our country of local police service us will be continued, however we will a little change approach to its organization.
In more detail we will talk about plans for development of an initiative, the purposes and problems of the second stage in the following articles.

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