It is not necessary to create municipal police, it is necessary to reform the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation

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we continue to answer critical remarks which express concerning an initiative, we will consider one more of the most frequent comments

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As well as it was promised in the previous articles, we continue to answer the critical remarks stated to an initiative.

It is not necessary to create municipal police, it is necessary to reform the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation

very often found comment.
He completely agrees that the real, serious reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation is really necessary. All reforms which took place in recent years upon few that was changed in activity of police. All reforming came down to the fact that changed the name (there was a Militia, since 2011 there were Police), remade regular structure, having made it even more difficult and inconvenient.
From good points it is possible to note only increase in level of the salary at the very beginning of reform, in 2011. In my opinion, it was the only correct step of the management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs which allowed them to constrain at least for a while outflow of professional staff from police, but for a while.
From the moment of the last reform passed nearly 8 years, all salary increase was safely absorbed by inflation and today the salary of the police officer remained competitive only in the deaf province. Despite all made reductions, in the Ministry of Internal Affairs there was again a shortage of staff which grows at the menacing rates. Now announcements of inclusion on service in police can be met practically everywhere, and considering the fact that some announcements for the first time were published more than a year ago and are regularly updated, there is no line of the citizens wishing to become police officers obviously.
Main of the reasons of such situation, the fact that no reform in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation also existed. The system of work of police did not change in any way, the most important principle – «To work not for people, and on statistics» remained the main thing. In all main services which are directly connected with ensuring public order staff deficit, and qualified personnel acute shortage.
Until the management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation reaches really effective reforming how many will pass time? Year? Five years? Ten? Or it is even more?
And all these years so far the management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will look for that «a unique way of development» who will provide an order on streets and to react to addresses of citizens?
If contrary to the developing situation which demands to increase the number of front and other divisions on ensuring public order they on the contrary from year to year are reduced, thereby only increasing already ultraboundary load of staff. As the result of similar policy - personnel rotation in divisions of external services in a number of regions already reaches 30% a year, and somewhere and above. It has an adverse effect first of all on the qualitative structure of divisions where the share of employees with experience of 5 years and above steadily decreases.
You should not forget also about terrorist threat. Methods of terrorists change, even more often terrorists use tactics of attacks on people on busy city streets with use cold or firearms. Passersby become subjects to such attacks.
In such situation of one of measures of counteraction there could be an effective work of front divisions, increase in density of patrol, so and efficiency of response to messages about incidents.
However in recent years, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation works absolutely opposite, and ordinary citizens who by force became hostages of this situation become the victims of such ministerial «strategy».
(in more detail this question is consecrated in this article of the blog yulianovsemen, is personally familiar with the author, this is the person more than 20 years given to service in law enforcement agencies)
In the majority of foreign countries which experience we considered earlier bodies of the state and local police quite normally coexist. Work in parallel and quite successfully interact, supplementing each other.
Our country, huge on the area, with federal structure and a large number of subjects, each of which is in own way unique, taking into account territorial, national, cultural, historical and other peculiarities. All this needs to be considered, using individual approach to each city and the region, but not trying to impose all the general template as it tries to make the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.
The federal center admits the fact that geographical, social, economic and other differences exist and it demands individual approach regarding conducting administrative activity. For what there are local governments given rather extensive authority in the solution of questions of local value taking into account specifics of the region and even in some cases the certain settlement.
However in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, for some reason are on the contrary sure that crime is identical everywhere and conforms to the standard admitted to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
Because of such approach, two heads of territorial divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, in two cities, approximately identical on the area and the number of the population, will have identical opportunities for ensuring public order. Though these cities can differ essentially from each other in crime rate up to that distinctions can be multiple. And there are at us at first on maps of the cities dangerous areas, and then on maps of the country the dangerous cities.
All these problems are also well-known long ago to experts, but the management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation chose a position, convenient for itself: instead of solving a problem, just it is better to deny the fact of its existence.
Realizing it, any head of territorial division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs never admits that it has in the territory of service a difficult criminogenic situation and that by forces which are available at its order it cannot correct a situation. Moreover, the head realizes that reaction of the higher management to its report will be one: you cannot cope itself - we will find the one who will be able. Well, and the one who cannot cope with a situation, writes the official report on dismissal. Then another will come to its place, perfectly informed on what became with his predecessor and why. Owing to this reason the new head will report a situation in such look as it is necessary above, but not as is actually. As a result of a problem do not decide but only are stronger aggravated.
All this began not today, not yesterday and even not 10 years ago, and it is impossible much earlier and how many still it will proceed to predict, term can go for decades. And even if many years later the management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will understand that so it is impossible further or that further already just there is no place and will want, something to change, there are no guarantees that at them it will turn out.

The fact that the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation needs serious reform, is the fact which is silly for denying. A talk on it is carried on long ago, on my memory years 25. However so far they and remain a talk which will perhaps continue a quarter of the century more, and maybe it is more.
There is a question - what all these years to do to ordinary citizens? To reconcile and suffer? To arm and protect itself? * To change the country of accommodation? **
Local authorities at all desire cannot influence this situation therefore as are deprived of a legal opportunity - it is to make. In many countries local authorities were allocated with the right for creation of municipal (local) police for this reason that in case federal executive authorities in the sphere of internal affairs ignore needs of local population to have an opportunity by own efforts to ensure safety of inhabitants.
I will remind once again one of the main positions of our initiative – Creation of municipal police has to be the right for local authorities, but not a duty.

*Gain in 2017 more than 10%, source - of RBC
** A security concern as the reason of emigration was specified by about 10% of respondents, source – poll «Levada Center»

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