Realization of an experiment on creation in Russia municipal police

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in this article we will sort the first stage of realization of an experiment – formation, it provides parallel performance of the following tasks: information, organizational and regular, completing, vocational training and material support

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Realization of an experiment on creation in Russia municipal police

As it was already discussed earlier, the municipal police - it is the tool of local governments, essentially new to Russia, the actual experience of creation and which application in our country so far is not present.
Respectively what to create it at once and everywhere it is impossible therefore our initiative provides that it is previously necessary to make a local experiment.
According to us the experiment has to be made in three different cities, with various population, located in different regions of Russia (presumably in the Ural, Central and Southern federal districts). The experiment is made within three years, in several stages.
Let's sort the first of them.

Stage 1. Formation.

It provides parallel performance of several tasks, we will sort everyone separately.

Task No. 1 is information
Includes work with the population and mass media.
The main objective – to bring to residents of the municipal unit information, about carrying out in the territory of the city of an experiment on creation of municipal police. By means of holding meetings, public discussions, round tables with residents, representatives of public and other associations, religious faiths.
The explanation to citizens of what is municipal police for what it is created, the rights and duties of city police officers, the list of the questions which are in their competences, similarity and difference between municipal and state police has to become a main goal of these meetings.
To this work all available mass media have to be raised (city, regional, federal). Also without fail data have to be posted in the social networks and other Internet resources connected with the municipal unit. In addition it is necessary during all term of carrying out an experiment, at least once a month, on local TV channels in a format of «Straight line» to answer questions of citizens.
For performance of this task the special group of employees of city administration consisting first of all of media and public specialists has to be created.
Important not only to bring information on an experiment to the maximum number of inhabitants and city visitors, but also to give them an opportunity to receive more detailed information about it. It will also allow to reduce considerably opportunities for information speculation on an experiment subject.

Task No. 2 is organizational and regular
Development and the adoption of the Provision on department (management) and the regulations drafted on its basis regulating the main issues of activity of division of municipal police of the city, namely:
- staff list and replacement;
- budget;
- norms of material support and supply;
- interactions with federal, regional and municipal bodies of legislative, executive and judicial authority.
Holding competitions and auctions for purchases of office motor transport, arms, special means, uniform, means of communication and other property of division.
Reduction of the allocated service premises in compliance to the requirements for storage of weapons and special means established by the law and also to office requirements to the organization of jobs for staff, placement of office motor transport and storage of other property.
Development and order of blanks products and other office documentation.

2.1. Completing
Development and the adoption of the Provision on the organization of personnel work and Administrative regulations about a reception order on service in division of municipal police.
Conclusion of agreements with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and other law enforcement agencies about conducting special verifications of information about candidates for service for divisions of municipal police.
The conclusion of agreements with municipal medical institutions about passing by candidates of medical examination for compliance to requirements and creation of medical commission on acceptance of the final decision on the validity of candidates to service.
The conclusion of urgent contracts with experts of the corresponding qualification about carrying out psychological inspection of candidates for service for divisions of municipal police, before employment of the permanent member of staff - the psychologist.
Creation as a part of administration of the municipal unit of the temporary commission on consideration of candidates for senior positions for division of municipal police (the chief and his deputies).
Selection and registration of candidates for service according to the staff list.

2.2. Vocational training of employees
The conclusion of agreements with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation about development of additions in training programs for qualification «The police officer of security guard and patrol service» with their reduction to compliance to the requirements established for municipal police.
Signing of the contracts with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation on carrying out, on a paid basis of training of staff of municipal police on the basis of Training centers (further TsPP) the ministries.
The direction of again accepted employees in TsPP Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for passing of initial, vocational training. And for candidates from among earlier serving at similar positions in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, passing of retraining on the reduced program.

Task No. 3 is material support
By results of the held competitions and auctions, purchase of the necessary equipment, transport, ware and other property.
Equipment of office offices, control room, storage rooms of weapon and special means.
Equipment of locations of office motor transport, its repair and service. Warehouse and other rooms of the spare parts intended for storage, fuel and lubricants, seasonal and other additional office equipment.
Reduction of office motor transport to the norms and standards established for performance of the tasks assigned to municipal police.
The solution of other questions is material support (it is simple to list all economic questions there is no sense, there is a lot of them).

Terms of performance of problems of 1 stage:
Within 6 - 8 months from coming into force of the Federal law «About Municipal Police in the Russian Federation» and the Decree of the President of Russia on carrying out an experiment in the territory of the municipal unit.

The planned result of 1 stage:
The main goal of 1 stage, it on the expiration of 8-10 months from the moment of its start – completely to complete the formation of division of municipal police:
- to staff it with staff for 100%;
- to train 100% of staff;
- to equip division and staff with all necessary as regards is material support for 100%.

The note – is one more not less important task relating it to 1 stage – to Establish cooperation with other law enforcement agencies in this municipal unit. We will consider it in separate article in more detail.

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