Public safety and Comfortable living environment

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why municipal authorities when developing the strategy of development for the regions and cities ignore such direction as – public order and safety of citizens. What influence and on what spheres of development the municipal police could render

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Public safety and Comfortable living environment

On the websites of authorities of regions and certain cities it is possible to meet such section as «The strategy of development for area (edge, the district, the city) till 2035 (/-5)». Local governments post projects in these sections (and somewhere and already ready documents) with development plans for regions for the next 15-20 years. The majority of such strategic plans are same, in them the standard areas of work are defined: it is economy, demography, education, health care, sport, social protection, construction, also other purposes, important for inhabitants of the region, are expensive. However in the majority of similar plans (and in some in general is absent) such area of work of municipalities as «Safety of citizens» is actually not worked out.
Apparently, local authorities do not consider this direction important. Even in those regions where in the development strategy there is such section, it is more devoted to work on the line of civil defense and emergency situations, in much smaller part - prevention of extremism and drug addiction. Attention is practically not paid to counteraction and prevention of general criminal crime, ensuring public order and public safety of residents of the cities. There is a reasonable question: Why? Officials do not know about a problem or do not consider it relevant? Probably, nevertheless know both about a problem, and about its scales, with one essential reservation: they do not consider this problem a zone of the responsibility. After during reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in 2011 the police were completely transferred to federal submission, local authorities considered that now fight against crime is in full care of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.
And officials and deputies of local governments desire to create and finance own police service do not aspire. Most likely, they argue so: creation of municipal police is only additional expenses, and budgets of many municipalities already scarce. It is better to direct this money for the solution of the current problems and strategic tasks of formation of the comfortable urban environment, and let the Ministry of Internal Affairs be engaged in crime. Here it is only very doubtful that similar unilateral approach will result in positive results.
Formation of the comfortable living environment is impossible without ensuring due level of safety and legality on streets and in other public places.
It is possible to build beautiful playgrounds, to improve the yards, parks, squares, to repair facades of houses, to land beds and lawns. It is possible to repair embankments, avenues and boulevards, to make pedestrian streets. Whether there will only be this urban environment really comfortable, in the absence of the effective system of ensuring public order? The companies sitting on streets and playgrounds drinking alcohol the smokers who are loudly putting not the most literary into words, leaving around themselves a lot of garbage and in the same place the celebrating natural needs do not cause any positive emotions in law-abiding citizens.
The garbage lying on streets and roads, even with enough ballot boxes too surprises for a long time nobody. The thrown stubs, wrappers from food, bottles and banks from under drinks became a habitual part of a city landscape long ago, efforts of janitors sometimes are enough for only a couple of hours of purity.
With view of the nurseries crushed by vandals and sports grounds, the broken trees and shops in the city parks which are used up by paint of monuments, the broken fences also for a long time to surprise nobody.
Bright example: when there is news that municipal authorities made the decision on replacement in the city of passenger shelters of public transport on new, the bulk of comments about it in social networks from residents comes down to what to put new stopping there is no sense - there will pass a little time, and they will be broken, will use up inscriptions and will stick with advertizing. There pass several months, and this forecast comes true. The same story and with facades of buildings and houses when management companies or businessmen make repairs of a facade, passes week, and it again all is used up by graffiti, inscriptions time not of the most decent contents and stuck with advertizing.
Many just reconciled to all this, as to a certain natural part of surrounding reality including that nothing can be changed already. However the problem is quite solved if to be engaged in it, but to be engaged systemically and purposefully, but not incidentally as it becomes now.
Very many of us who was abroad, often cite as an example some foreign countries where on streets purely and safely at any time where drivers go by rules, and the garbage is thrown only into ballot boxes. Trying to understand the reasons of this phenomenon, many point that in these countries for the stub thrown on the street, the inscription or the announcement pasted on a wall are provided penalties and this measure constrains violators. But in Russia all above-mentioned acts are offenses too and for their commission responsibility, from administrative to criminal is provided too. A difference only that in our country the system of suppression of these offenses does not work, and the reason of it one: at us there is nobody these to be engaged on a constant basis.
Similar problems were also in other countries where priorities of Federal Police did not coincide with priorities of local authorities. There went on the way of granting to local governments the right for creation of municipal police, and in realization of this right abroad there is a mass of positive examples.
One of them - an indicative example which we already partially reviewed in one of earlier published articles. But then we considered only how effective work of the mayor of New York Rudolph Giuliani and the chief of city police William Bratton influenced a situation with crime in the city when for incomplete 8 years New York from one of the most criminal cities of the USA turned into one of the safest. At the same time we did not consider a situation on the other hand - in what result in economy resulted such measures. And the result was also very impressive.
From 1994 for 2001 in New York:
- unemployment rate decreased by 58%;
- the budget deficit (2.4 billion dollars) was completely liquidated;
- the surplus of the budget in 2.9 billion dollars, besides, is reached that the budget rose twice;
- tourist flow grew by 45%;
- the share of the empty municipal property was reduced by 65%.
In addition to it we will remind that for the same period crime in New York decreased on average by 60%. The mayor Giuliani announced fight against crime and return of an order to city streets a basis of the strategy, considering that in it a root of economic and social problems. The results reached by it and his team visually proved that he was right. At the same time the staff of city police was increased for 20%, but as it is possible to see from the above-stated figures, the city budget only benefited from it.
The example is rather indicative, however our regional officials and deputies, judging by the published «Development strategies», do not think of adopting the positive experience which is available for others. Or perhaps it would be worth thinking?
It is possible to prepare carefully the soil, to fertilize it, to use good seeds and in time to water, but if at the same time not to fight against weeds and insects wreckers, then alas, despite all efforts, to achieve a good harvest it will not turn out.
The situation which developed today in Russia shows that the existing system of ensuring public order and public safety regarding the solution of above-mentioned problems actually does not work. There is a lot of reasons for that, and it does not make sense to sort them now simply. Therefore the only solution of the existing problem is investment of local governments with the right for creation of municipal police which would solve those problems which really concern citizens.
From stated above it is clear that regarding ensuring public order and public safety local authorities are interested first of all in strengthening of police presence (patrol density) on streets and in other public places (parks, squares, squares, memorial complexes, the central streets and other open places of mass visit of inhabitants and city visitors). Eim tasks which local authorities can put before municipal police speak. These tasks solve problems of prevention and suppression of offenses, namely:
- drinkings of alcohol in public places;
- smoking in places where it is forbidden;
- expressions by rough strong language;
- leaving of garbage;
- illegal advertizing;
- street vandalism (damage of municipal and private property, buildings, constructions, monuments and objects of public transport, nurseries and sports grounds, etc.). In addition the service of municipal police could simplify considerably work of police divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, having assumed a part of tasks on ensuring public order, especially regarding small offenses.
Practice shows that creation of municipal police, at competent management and the correct statement of tasks, is in the long term capable not only to pay back expenses on its creation and contents, but also to earn on it.
The region having reputation safe, as a rule, develops more effectively, it is more attractive to tourists and investors, the share of the qualitative population grows in it, there is an intensive development of the industry, construction and services sector. And it is new jobs, increase in receipts in budgets of all levels, improvement of a demographic situation.
Is over what to think.

I want to express huge gratitude for the help in writing of this and other articles to Semyon Yulianov. In the blog Semyon states the opinion of current problems in activity of law enforcement agencies of our country and shares stories from own practice. In its articles objective and critical judgments well mix up with venomous comments and flashing humour. I am personally familiar with Semyon many years, this is the Professional from capital letter, more than a quarter of the century given to service in bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Prosecutor's office.

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