Municipal police in Switzerland - Stadtpolizei

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in this article we will tell about activity of municipal police in Switzerland, its functions, tasks, powers and features

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Municipal police in Switzerland - Stadtpolizei
Before telling about service of local police in Switzerland it is necessary to understand features of the device of this country therefore for a start the small reference:
- despite rather small area, Switzerland is the federal state with rather impressive autonomous rights which allocated territorial subjects of the federation – cantons.
If to compare to Russia, then the Swiss canton is more similar to the autonomous republic as a part of federation, but with a large number of the rights to note enough that each canton (and among them there are such where the total number of the population is less than 50 thousand people) has own constitution, the legislation and even the version of the criminal code.
Each canton has own building of cantonal police - Kantonspolizei, and cantons in the territory of which the large cities are located, for example Zurich and Winterthur also municipal police of these cities - Stadtpolizei. Municipal and Cantonal police in Switzerland are closely connected in that part that the city police is a component of police of the canton.
As it was already specified, the authorities of cantons are given the wide autonomous rights therefore bodies of local police in each canton are formed differently, there are no uniform conditions even regarding qualification requirements to candidates for service for police, each canton establishes them independently.
For an example – in 5 cantons among which there is Geneva for employment in local police it is not necessary even to have the Swiss citizenship.

in difference from other countries which we considered in the previous articles in Switzerland functions of local police are much broader.
According to the Swiss legislation, to competence of Federal Service of Police of Switzerland - Bundesamt für Polizei belong only especially serious crimes, terrorism and crimes against the state. All other is a zone of responsibility of municipal and cantonal police.
Local police adopts the statement from the victim, registers it and conducts all complex of prompt and legal proceedings up to case referral to court. One service of municipal or regional police of Europe has no similar functionality any more not.

in Switzerland execution of a full range of police tasks from protection of public order and control of observance of traffic regulations, before disclosure and investigation of crimes is assigned to divisions of local police. Detention of suspects and contents them under guards before removal of a sentence by court also a task municipal or cantonal (depends on the territory or jurisdiction) police.
But at the same time the government of each canton establishes the concrete list of tasks for local police independently. As it was already told earlier, it is connected with the fact that the legislation including regulating activity of police, in different cantons can differ considerably.

besides functions and tasks, are in competence of local authorities, and powers of local police regarding procedural coercive measures, use of weapons, physical force and special means. What for example, in Russia is regulated by uniform requirements of Chapter 5 of the federal law "About Police" in Switzerland is established by the government of each canton independently.
The local police of cantons in Switzerland is armed with firearms and special means, with the right for their application and uses.
It should be noted also one more interesting fact, in local police of some Swiss cantons there are the special purpose full-fledged divisions equipped with all range of special arms and the equipment for performance of special police problems of any complexity.
The Federal Police of Switzerland is responsible for coordination of actions of local police between cantons.
The note - considering the Swiss multilingualism, local law enforcement agencies not in all regions are called police. For example, in those cantons where the French-speaking population prevails, the cantonal police are called gendarmerie.

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