Municipal police in Spain - Policía Municipal

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in this article we will tell about activity of municipal police in Spain, its functions, tasks, powers and features

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Municipal police in Spain - Policía Municipal
also the name meets - Policía Local or Guàrdia Urbana.
officially exists in the cities and the areas of Spain since 1986 when the relevant law which established an order of creation and activity of bodies of municipal police in the cities of Spain was adopted.
The note - according to some Spanish sources the municipal police begins the history since the 13th century of our era when in the cities of Spain there were first organized forces of self-defense which were under control of the city authorities.
As well as in other countries, municipal police in Spain are the autonomous police divisions submitting to local governments and financed by means of the local budget.
In the large cities of Spain of municipal police are valid territorial division on responsibility zones, for example, in Madrid as a part of forces of municipal police 21 police stations work.
If to compare to the example of Greece reviewed in the previous article, then in Spain a situation absolutely other. Here «police» tasks are assigned to municipal police first of all. At the same time It should be noted that the list of these tasks is much wider, than at similar services in other countries.

in addition to the general police functions on ensuring public order and safety on streets of the cities in municipal police of Spain there are separate divisions which are engaged:
- protection of children from criminal encroachments and also prevention and control of offenses and other offenses at municipal schools;
- safety on public public transport;
- prevention of crimes and violence in family;
- carrying out training in safety rules of traffic among pupils of average and higher educational institutions;
- ensuring environmental safety of the city, in their zone of responsibility city parks and squares;
- safety of municipal authorities and officials of the highest rank of the city administration.

the main objectives of municipal police within the competence it:
- patrol of streets and other public places;
- rapid response to the message of citizens about incidents;
- prevention and control of offenses and administrative offenses;
- regulation and safety of traffic in the settlement;
- assistance to the staff of National (state) police of Spain in performance of their tasks;
- ensuring public order when holding mass actions;
- performance of other tasks set by municipal authorities within the restrictions established by the law.

regarding powers of law enforcement agencies in Spain there is accurate differentiation. Independently municipal police can be engaged in prevention, stop administrative offenses and make responsible violators, take primary responses to messages about incidents.
If the staff of municipal police has elicited fact of crime or the person suspected of its commission is detained, then further the National (state) police of Spain which carries out all prompt and investigative actions within criminal proceedings go into action.
For example, on the street the citizen with the message about theft of the bicycle has addressed the squad of municipal police, has reported signs of the criminal and after a while other squad of municipal police has detained the suspect.
Everything that in this case the staff of municipal police is obliged to make is to bring the victim and the suspect to police station of National (state) police and to transfer them to the state police officers for further trial, on it the task of municipal police is considered executed. The municipal police in Spain is dressed in uniform similar to form of the state police, armed with firearms and complete set of police special means with the right for their application and use. Cars of municipal police also have police coloring, special light and sound signals and also the right of primary journey in special cases.

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