Municipal police in Slovakia - Mestská polícia

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in this article we will tell about activity of municipal police in Slovakia, its functions, tasks, powers and features

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Municipal police in Slovakia - Mestská polícia
also the name Obecná polícia meets.
At once It should be noted that in Slovakia the municipal police appeared one of the first, among countries of Eastern Europe, in 1991, even during existence of Czechoslovakia.
The municipal police is in the majority of the large cities of Slovakia, it is created by the decision of city council at the initiative of the mayor. To treat local executive authorities. The number of staff of municipal police officers in Slovakia is not tied to the number of the population as it is made, for example, in Serbia where the number of municipal police officers is regulated by the standard - 1 employee on 5000 inhabitants. In Slovakia (at least in the capital) the number of municipal police officers is almost twice higher, 255 employees at the population in 700 thousand inhabitants.

- provides public order in the city, reveals and stops threats for life and health of inhabitants and city visitors;
- cooperates and renders assistance to divisions of the state police in ensuring activities for prevention and control of offenses and other offenses;
- provides to bodies of the state police access to the city systems of video surveillance and other opportunities of local governments;
- provides protection and control of state of environment in the city;
- provides observance of an order, purity and hygiene on streets, in other public places;
- controls performance by inhabitants and city visitors of the rules established in the territory of the city, resolutions of city council and decisions of the mayor;
- imposes and collects penalties for the offenses established by the local legislation;
- blocks and evacuates the cars parked with violation of the rules or preventing journey of transport. Also has the right to withdraw vehicles of the persons of the traffic regulations which made gross violations which committed crimes or trying to flee the place of road accident;
- notifies competent authorities on violation of the law which solution is not within the competence of the city;
- independently carries out tasks in the field of prevention and control of offenses.

In Slovakia tasks for municipal police are established by regulations of local authorities, but within restrictions which are set by the state legislation. Therefore depending on municipality, tasks can be different. Somewhere this service is used as full-fledged police division and tasks to it are set corresponding, and somewhere is used very formally, but it is rather an exception, than the rule.
In most cases, in the cities of Slovakia the main objectives of municipal police are:
- protection of public order in the territory of municipality;
- prevention and control of offenses;
- traffic safety, control of road condition and observance of rules of the parking of transport;
- identification and documenting of administrative offenses;
- prosecution of violators of local laws.
Also among the tasks assigned to municipal police in Slovakia there are also economic. In large managements there are even separate divisions of economic supervision. Their tasks are mainly connected with identification and suppression of the facts of street trade without the permission, illegal taxi and other illegal business activity.

For performance of objectives the staff of municipal police has the following powers:
– to check documents at citizens;
- to bring to police of persons of the administrative offenses suspected of commission;
- to detain and transfer to the staff of the state police of persons of the crimes suspected of commission;
– to forbid and limit an entrance of people and entrance of transport to the concrete place, or to demand from people to leave immediately the concrete place;
– to demand providing easy access to inhabited or other rooms. When there is a threat of life, to health or property of citizens;
– to withdraw objects and to evacuate vehicles within control of offenses and administrative offenses;
– to use technical means, special means of police, office firearms and guard dogs in the service.

The municipal police of Slovakia has the right for carrying and use of firearms and special means. However the question of use of this right is in competence of municipal authorities, they make the decision on investment of local police with the right of carrying and use of firearms. In a number of the cities the staff of municipal police has only special means (a rubber stick, tear gas, handcuffs, electroconvulsive devices) in the arsenal.
Staff of municipal police in Slovakia wears a uniform and uses transport of a police coloring with special signals. At the same time the uniform and office motor transport, have no uniform standards therefore in each municipality they are different.
Also in a number of the cities of Slovakia the municipal police has the right for implementation also commercial activity, namely rendering services in physical and console protection of objects of the state, municipal and private property.

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