Municipal police in Serbia - Комунална Полиција

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in this article we will tell about activity of municipal police in Serbia, its functions, tasks, powers and features

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Municipal police in Serbia - Комунална Полиција
I appeared in 2009, with adoption of law "About municipal police".
Is structural unit as a part of local governments of municipal units, the city or district administration.
It is created by the decision of local authorities, financed from means of local budgets. The law provided a binding of the number of staff of staff of the division of municipal police, to the number of the population which is constantly living in the territory of service. A ratio 1 municipal police officer on 5,000 inhabitants.
Respectively that in settlements with population less than 50 thousand inhabitants creation of divisions of municipal police simply doesn't make sense therefore it exists mainly in the large cities and districts.
However It should be noted that attempts to make changes to the law in recent years were repeatedly made, having reduced ratios of number of inhabitants by 1 municipal police officer. Similar offers were connected with the fact that the existing number of employees of municipal police appeared insufficiently for law enforcement.
Though great doubts are raised that the service called in Serbia municipal police can affect a condition of public order and now you will understand why.

municipal police of Serbia within the competence:
- participates in ensuring public order in the territory of service;
- controls observance and execution of norms and requirements of the local (municipal) legislation;
- provides performance of tasks which are under authority of the city authorities.

assigned to municipal police, it, prevention and suppression:
- small administrative offenses (including in the sphere of street trade);
- violations of the rules of the parking;
- violations of environmental and sanitary standards (garbage, plants in parks, damage of lawns and so forth);
- rules of travel by public transport (identification and punishment of the persons who didn't pay journey);
- violations of traffic regulations from pedestrians.

which are possessed by municipal police for execution of the functions:
- authentication of citizens;
- examination of people and survey of objects;
- video surveillance;
and also to use coercive measures – oral orders, physical force, a rubber stick, handcuffs.
Staff of municipal police isn't armed.
Some features of work of municipal police in Serbia:
- if at the time of the address is available for the violator at itself the document proving his identity, then the staff of municipal police has no powers it to detain and to bring to police. In this case, to the person who showed documents on the place a warning is issued or the penalty is written out;
- when the identity card is absent, the offender refuses to stop the illegal activity or shows resistance - the municipal police officer has the right to use force and to bring it to police station;
- in case the municipal police officer faces commission of penal act (crime), serious resistance or the offender is armed, he has to call to the place of the staff of the state police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia.
Persons interested to find a job in service of municipal police have special training, for this purpose there is a special educational program. Candidates who passed a competition go to vocational education and trainings, after vocational training, candidates take examination.

The municipal police in Serbia as well as similar service in Estonia is a striking example of "a police substitute". Despite the name, it isn't full-fledged police service.
Upon are the ordinary municipal officials of a local link dressed in a form with rubber sticks and handcuffs on a belt, however their presence practically doesn't influence a condition of public order on streets of the Serbian cities in any way.
Confirmation to such conclusion is the following fact that in 2016 the capital of Serbia - Belgrade, took the second place in the rating of the most dangerous cities of Europe, having conceded the first place only to Kiev. Among the main reasons for hit in this rating three are specified, it:
1. corruption;
2. small thefts;
3. vandalism.
And if the municipal police can affect the first of them only indirectly, then two others, just are in its competence.
As sets this example, in 7 years of the existence (on date of publication of rating) it wasn't succeeded to change a situation to the best to service of municipal police of Serbia.

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