Municipal police of Romania - Poliţia Locala

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in this article we will tell about activity of municipal police in Romania, its functions, tasks, powers and features

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Municipal police of Romania - Poliţia Locala
In Romania the service of municipal police appeared rather recently, 2010 when the law on the right of local authorities for creation of own police was adopted. Divisions are created by the decision of local governments as structural divisions of executive authorities (administration) of municipalities and submit to mayors (heads) of the cities. Financing is carried out at the expense of means of the local budget.
The number of staff of divisions is not attached population of the city and is defined proceeding from financial opportunities of municipality.

If to compare to municipal police of other countries of Eastern Europe and the former USSR which we considered earlier then the municipal police of Romania very seriously differs from them on the functionality. It is possible even to call her multiple-purpose of municipal police structures.
Municipal police in Romania, in the territory of service provides:
- public order and public safety;
- control of respect for sanitary and environmental standards;
- control of observance of traffic regulations and the parking of cars and also participates in its organization;
- control of construction objects;
- performance of the local legislation.
protection and control of state of environment in the city;
Besides the above-stated general for most municipal police services of Europe of functions the municipal police also renders services in the field of private protection in Romania and also ensures personal security of the top officials of administration of the municipal unit and the high-ranking city visitors.
Staff of division of bodyguard puts on uniform only on holidays, on service they remind the staff of Federal Guard Service of the Russian Federation or Secret service of the USA more.

According to the Romanian legislation, main objectives of municipal police it:
- prevention and suppression of offenses;
- traffic safety;
- protection of objects of municipal property;
- administrative prosecution of persons of the local laws which made disturbances;
- rendering assistance to bodies of the state police in performance of their tasks (by the way the similar task is established for the state police concerning municipal);
- rendering assistance of bailiffs to service and other public services;
- ensuring personal security of the management of executive power of the municipal unit;
- performance of special police tasks (is more detailed slightly below).

The municipal police in Romania possesses a full range of police powers, and in large volumes, than their colleagues in other countries of Eastern Europe. Especially regarding the rights and opportunities of application of power ways of detention.
In municipal police of the capital of Romania, the city of Bucharest there is even the full-fledged special forces detachment, with a full arsenal of arms, special means and the equipment. It treats Serviciul Intervenţii, in translation from Romanian - Service of intervention. these special forces provide maintenance of actions of both city, and federal services and also the staff of the state police of Romania if there is a probability of rendering resistance.
Also the staff of this division is involved in protection of public order when holding mass actions.
Besides guns still submachine guns, submachine guns and sniper rifles are adopted. Also municipal police of Romania has impressive vehicle fleet up to patrol ATVs and segways.
Note of the author: judging by providing, municipal authorities spare no expense for the police officers, equipment of the state police in Romania is much more modest.

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