Municipal police of Romania - Poliția Locală

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features of legislation, procedure of creation and activity, functions and tasks, main forces, powers, interaction with the state police of Romania, subdivisions with special functionality

Municipal police of Romania - Poliția Locală

Municipal police of Romania - Poliția Locală
In Romania the municipal police was created rather recently - in 2010 when the law on the right of local authorities for creation of own police was adopted. Departments and managements are created by the decision of local government bodies as structural divisions of the executive authority (administration) of municipalities, and submit to mayors (heads) of the cities. Financing is carried out at the expense of means of the local budget, the number of staff of divisions is not attached population of the city, and is defined proceeding from financial opportunities of municipality.
According to the legislation of Romania on local police, municipalities have the right to conclude agreements on distribution of jurisdiction of local police of one municipality on the territory of another (usually next) and also they can establish intermunicipal police divisions in common.
In addition, divisions of municipal and state police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Romania can conclude the agreements regulating an order of their interaction in performance of tasks of ensuring public order. Also these agreements can regulate priorities in competence of this or that police service regarding prevention, identification and suppression of these or those types of administrative offenses. Usually such distribution looks so: local violations of the municipal and regional legislation depart, and the police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are engaged in the offenses provided by the state codes and laws.
The uniform of employees of Poliția Locală is externally similar to a uniform of staff of state police. The legislation of Romania regulating issues of activity of local police does not establish a uniform sample, uniform for all municipalities, being limited only to requirements to the distinctions located on it. Despite it, the uniform of municipal police officers in various cities of Romania practically does not differ, and is sustained in similar design and a coloring.
All employees of Poliţia Locala without fail have vocational training in training centers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Romania. Duration and intensity of a course depends on an estimated position of the candidate and tasks of division in which he gets a job.

Functions and tasks
The functionality of municipal police of Romania is rather broad, control and providing is within its competence:
- public order and public safety;
- respect for sanitary and environmental standards;
- observance of traffic regulations and the parking of cars (also participates in its organization);
- respect for the established norms and requirements on construction objects;
- performances of the local legislation;
- state of environment in the territory of the settlement.
The local police directly carries out tasks on:
- to prevention and suppression of offenses;
- to traffic safety;
- to administrative prosecution of the persons who made violations of local laws;
- to protection of objects of municipal property;
- to rendering assistance to bodies of state police in performance of their tasks (by the way, the similar task is established also for state police concerning municipal);
- to rendering assistance of court ushers to service and other government services;
- to performance of special police tasks (is more detailed slightly below).
Besides above-mentioned functions and tasks which it is possible to call standard for similar police services in other countries the municipal police renders in Romania also additional paid services as private protection. In addition, tasks of ensuring personal security of the top officials of administration of the municipal unit and the high-ranking city visitors are assigned to it.

Main forces
Mostly it is patrol (front) divisions which serve on streets and in other public places and also provide protection of a municipal, state and private ownership. Employees serve both in a pedestrian order, and on office motor transport. Besides cars, for patrol are used: motorcycles, mopeds, bicycles, segways and other types of the electric transport (see a photo). In a number of settlements it is possible to meet patrols of mounted police and also the employees serving with guard dogs.
In the large cities as a part of local police there are divisions of a special purpose - Serviciul Intervenţii (in translation from Romanian - Service of intervention), with a full arsenal of arms, special means and the equipment. These special forces provide maintenance of actions of both city, and government services and also the staff of state police of Romania if there is a probability of rendering resistance. Also his employees are involved in protection of public order when holding mass actions.
Staff of service of providing bodyguard of the top officials of municipality puts on a uniform only on holidays, on service they remind the staff of Federal Guard Service of the Russian Federation or Secret service of the USA more.

The municipal police in Romania possesses almost full range of police powers, except for investigation of the crimes and other legal proceedings which are not entering its competence.
Within the powers employees of Poliția Locală have the right:
- to check documents at citizens;
- to demand from citizens of the termination of offense;
- in the presence of the bases to carry out personal inspection of citizens, examination of transport, survey of rooms and territories;
- in the presence of the bases to temporarily limit the rights of citizens, to discharge them of control of motor transport, to bring violators to premises of municipal or state police;
- to bring violators to administrative responsibility;
- to carry out production on administrative cases for violation of the local legislation;
- to evacuate the vehicles parked in places where it is forbidden;
- to check allowing documents and activity for compliance to the established requirements on the objects of trade and construction, in cases provided by the law to stop their activity.
For execution of the duties, protection of life and health of citizens and police officers, safety of protected persons and objects, the staff of municipal police of Romania can use physical force, special means (handcuffs, gas, rubber sticks, stun guns), firearms. In difference from most of the colleagues of their other countries, municipal police of Romania has very impressive arsenal of firearms. Besides guns, also submachine guns, automatic and sniper rifles, smooth-bore guns, special weapon of lethal and non-lethal action are adopted.
Office Poliția Locală transport has a police coloring, is equipped with special light and sound signals, in the cases established by the law has the right of primary journey.

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Special transport of Romanian municipal police Municipal police patrol checks documents with citizen Municipal police officer checks documents with taxi driver patrol of mounted police - Poliţia Locala

Romanian municipal police officer talks to teenagers Municipal police patrol of Romania on sigvees Special Purpose Units of the Romanian Municipal Police - Serviciul Intervenţii Romania municipal police patrol guards public order at sports match

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