Municipal police in France - Police Municipale

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Municipal police in France - Police Municipale
Legal status of municipal police of France probably, the most contradictory of all countries of Western and Eastern Europe which we considered in the previous articles.
The principle of the organization of local government is the reason for that. In France the elected mayors and officials of local administration appointed by them which also the municipal police treats direct municipalities. However besides the specified local governments in the system of local authorities there are also prefects, these are the government officials who are already appointed by the government of France exercising control of work of local authorities.
Powers of prefects are rather extensive, they can interfere practically with any field of activity of local governments including police.
The characteristic example of such intervention is now discussed on the website of labor union of municipal police of France where in one of the cities the prefect the order just took and disarmed all municipal police officers.
In general a weapon question one of sore subjects in activity of the French municipal police, in this article we still will return to it.
Activity of municipal police in France is directed first of all to prevention of crimes and other offenses, control of respect for standards of the local legislation and traffic safety in borders of settlements.
On the status the municipal police is a reserve of national (state) police of France submitting to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. When carrying out police operations, arrests and operational actions for suppression and investigation of criminal offenses by forces of national police, municipal performs support function.
Mainly municipal police bears security guard and patrol service together with forces of national police and gendarmerie, disclosure and investigation of crimes are not included into its competence. Also the staff of municipal police provides public order when holding actions with mass stay of citizens.
Regarding administrative offenses of power of municipal police is a little wider, her employees can fix and document most of structures of administrative violations of the relating to public order, traffic safety, sanitary standards, an order and rules of keeping of pets, restrictions regarding journey for certain territories and other local bans.
However to detain the violator, even administrative, the staff of municipal police has no right, in case of identification of violation of the demanding bringing of the violator in police station the employee of municipal police is obliged to notify on it the representative of national police and to transfer the violator to it.
Depending on municipality as a part of municipal police there can be divisions of mounted police and cynologists.
As for opportunities that here everything is much more difficult. On level of authority the municipal police strongly concedes national, especially regarding use of weapons.
Till 2016 when across France the wave of acts of terrorism, in which hundreds of people died and suffered, swept the municipal police of the majority of the French communes was or is not armed or armed at all with office revolvers which employees could use only as self-defense, that is only in those cases when the most police was threatened by direct and obvious danger.
It led to serious scandal after terrorist attack in the French Nice in July, 2016. Then the terrorist by truck went round a post of municipal police and began to press people on the busy embankment. Municipal police officers could make nothing, and the closest post of national police was only in 400 meters.
As result - dozens of dead and injured before the terrorist managed to be destroyed. Then mutual recriminations of the management of municipal police of Nice and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of France in criminal omission began.
To their honor, the French authorities drew the correct conclusions from current situation and made corresponding changes to the legislation, at last having allowed municipal police to use weapon not only for self-defense, but also for protection of citizens and also allowed to arm municipals instead of outdated revolvers with modern semi-automatic guns.
However, despite it, most of employees of municipal police in the cities of France remain unarmed. It is connected with the fact that the decision on arms of municipal police is made by local authorities, but as it was already told, without coordination with the prefect such decision cannot be made. And prefects, judging by a situation, go on it extremely reluctantly, continuing to keep "the armed monopoly" behind national police and gendarmerie.
Employment in bodies of municipal police is carried out on a competitive basis, the candidacy of the applicant is approved by the mayor in coordination with the city prosecutor then the candidate takes the oath and goes for vocational education lasting 6 months.

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