Municipal police in Estonia - Munitsipaalpolitsei

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let's consider on the example of Department of municipal police of the city of Tallinn - Tallinna Munitsipaalpolitsei Amet MUPO, history, structure, functions, tasks, the current reforming and the prospects of development

Municipal police of the city of Tallinn - Tallinna Munitsipaalpolitsei Amet MUPO

Municipal police in Estonia - Munitsipaalpolitsei
we continue to tell about experience of creation and practice of activity of local police services and divisions in the countries of the former USSR. In this article we will consider how it is organized and the municipal police in Estonia, on the example of the capital of the country - the city of Tallinn functions.

Tallinna Munitsipaalpolitsei Amet MUPO (est.)
it was founded in 2003 by the decision of a city meeting, initially the division was created as a part of the Tallinn rescue and fire fighting department. Since 2007 the municipal police was transformed to separate department in structure of municipal executive power – Town council of Tallinn.
Since 2014 with entry into force of the law of the Republic of Estonia on protection of law and order, division of municipal police received the status of law enforcement agencies of local submission.

The department consists of 4 departments:
- development and service;
- for registration;
- on production implementation;
- patrol and protection.

Municipal police of Tallinn within the competence:
- participates in ensuring public order in the territory of the city;
- controls respect for norms and the restrictions set by the city authorities;
- renders assistance to bodies of the state police of Estonia in providing law and order;
- carries out administrative production on violations of the local legislation.
It should be noted that powers of municipal police regarding protection of public order and execution of police tasks are extremely limited, further we will tell why.

according to the city legislation the following tasks are set for local police:
* excerpt from the charter of Department of municipal police of Tallinn (source - the English-language version of the page of department on the official site of town council, spelling and a punctuation of the original)
Main tasks:
- Exercising supervision over the performance of the rules adopted by the Tallinn City Council and conducting misdemeanour proceedings in the case such rules are breached.
- As authorised by the Tallinn City Government, exercising supervision over adherence to laws and processing misdemeanours.
- Guarding the property in the ownership or possession of the City of Tallinn.
- Participating in guaranteeing public order in the institutions and at the public events of the City of Tallinn.
- Maintaining the Misdemeanour Register of Tallinn and other registers and databases required for the performance of the board's tasks.
- Preventing the misdemeanours that belong to its area of competency.

Reforming and prospects
Judging by media reports, now the authorities of Tallinn even more often begin to speak and take the initiative about entering of a number of serious changes into the legislation of Estonia regulating activity of local police. It is about increase in powers, investment of municipal police with the right of carrying and application of special means (gas, handcuffs, an electroshock, rubber sticks).
Partially these initiatives are already implemented, for example the new uniform of municipal police officers became externally more similar to a form of the state police of Estonia, new coloring of office MUPO transport also became closer to police.
Also a little powers of municipal police officers regarding use of physical force and some types of special means, however grew until these powers are very limited and according to the contents is closer to powers of private security guards, than police officers.
Anyway It should be noted that, according to us, the vector of further development of municipal police in Estonia is chosen correctly. It is possible to assume that as an example the authorities of Tallinn took positive experience of the commit from Latvia where municipal the police are used as full-fledged law-enforcement service for a long time.

Note: we will watch closely process of reforming of municipal police of Tallinn. If us employees of Tallinna Munitsipaalpolitsei Amet read – we will be glad to your changes and additions to article, write us on e-mail or in our group VKontakte.
In process of receipt of new information article will be supplemented. Data on updates will be published in our group by VKontakte.

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It is a little photo about work of municipal police officers of Tallinn
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the employee of Tallinna Munitsipaalpolitsei Amet ensures safety of school students on the road control of payment of travel by public transport by employees of Tallinna Munitsipaalpolitsei Amet employee of MUPO control of the crosswalk control of payment of travel by public transport by the staff of MUPO

office Tallinna Munitsipaalpolitsei Amet transport control of payment of travel by public transport by the staff of MUPO the employee of MUPO writes out a penalty to the violator the employee of Tallinna Munitsipaalpolitsei Amet fixes violation of the rules of the parking

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