Municipal police of the Czech Republic - Městská policie

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creation history, the basic principles of the organization and activity, task, function, the right and power, the main forces of municipal police in the cities and the districts of the Czech Republic, the general conclusion

Municipal police of the Czech Republic - Městská policie

Municipal police of the Czech Republic - Městská policie
we continue to study foreign experience of creation and use of local police services. In the previous articles we got acquainted with that as the situation in the territory of the countries of the former USSR is, now we move further, on the territory of Eastern Europe, in this article we will review an example of activity of municipal police in the Czech Republic.

History, basic principles of the organization and activity
The system of bodies of police in the Czech republic is presented by two levels:
1. republican – to treat it the state police of the Republic;
2. local – police services of local governments of the cities and districts treat it.
The first divisions of municipal police in the cities of the Czech Republic (CSFR is still formal during this period) began to appear in 1991. However, despite the name actually it were the local divisions of municipal officials dressed in a form with supervising and control functionality. Such situation was caused by the fact that at that time the status of such service was not set legislatively. However in 1992 the law «About Municipal Police» adopted by the Czech national council which finally fixed the status of local police as law enforcement agency in the system of local government came into force.
The specified law adjusted the main questions of the organization and activity of bodies of municipal police, their function, a task, the right, a power duty, also the law appointed the main requirements and restrictions to candidates.
Questions of creation of divisions of local police are regulated by the legislation of the Czech Republic on local government according to which any municipal units (the cities or municipal districts), at the same time, can found local police that is important, creation of municipal police are the right of local authorities, but not a duty. Therefore local governments make the decision on creation of own police service only in cases when in it really there is an objective need and provided that in the local budget for this purpose there is enough money. The last point, as a rule, the most important, creation of own police are constant and considerable expenses, respectively not each city can afford it.
It is necessary to pay tribute to the Czech legislators who found the interesting solution of this problem. According to the law «About Municipal Police» in the Czech Republic, those municipalities which for one reason or another have no opportunity independently to found own municipal police, can conclude agreements on distribution on their territory of powers of municipal police of other (usually adjoining) city or the district. Respectively that similar agreements provide joint participation of the cities and other settlements in financing of such intermunicipal police divisions, and it is already much less expensive.
(The possibility of use of such experience in Russia is considered in this article)
Thanks to such flexibility of the legislation of the Czech Republic, today practically all cities and municipal districts have or own police, or are participants of the agreement on presence in the territory of municipal police of the neighboring settlement.
Interesting feature - according to the law, local authorities can not appoint to the position of the head of municipal police of the certain official, in this case duties of the unit manager are fulfilled by the head of administration of municipality (mayor).
In spite of the fact that in the Czech Republic municipal police completely submits to local authorities, it rather closely interacts with bodies of republican police which are a component of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic. Cooperation is carried out on the basis of joint regulations where the rights, duties and competence of each of the parties are established. For example, the municipal police has no powers to conduct investigations and to carry out investigative actions for criminal cases, this exclusive right of republican police, however the local police can render it assistance in it and take active part in the investigation.
For employment in municipal police, the candidate has to undergo special training, pass a qualification examination and receive the corresponding certificate. Reception of such examinations and issue of certificates are carried out by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech republic.
Main forces of Městská policie - these are the patrolmen of division who are carrying out protection of public order on streets and in other public places, and considering the status of the Czech Republic as tourist country also on popular tourist routes. Types of squads of municipal police are rather various, it and pedestrian groups and patrols on official cars and motorcycles. In the capital of the Czech Republic - Prague can meet horse patrols and also police officers by bicycles or segways.

The main objectives and functions of municipal police in the cities of the Czech Republic
divisions of local police in borders of the territory of service and within the competence carry out:
- a full package of measures, directed to identification, studying, elimination of the reasons and conditions promoting commission of offenses;
- control and supervision of observance by citizens and the organizations of the requirements of the local legislation established to them governed also restrictions;
- package of measures for protection of public order and ensuring public safety;
- control for observance of safety rules of traffic;
- documenting and production on cases of administrative offenses of the local legislation.
- protection of people and property which is in the territory of municipality;
- control over execution of decisions of authorities of municipality;
- prevention and control of offenses;
- conducting statistical account concerning the activity and providing these data in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic;
- assistance of the state police and to other law enforcement agencies of the Czech Republic in implementation of their powers in the territory of the municipal unit.
And also carry out other powers and carry out the tasks provided by the local legislation and decisions of executive authorities of local government.

for execution of the duties and objectives the staff of divisions of municipal police of the Czech Republic is given the following authority:
- to check at citizens documents for establishment of their personality;
- to detain and bring to police of persons of the crimes suspected of commission and administrative offenses and also the persons which did not be on a call;
- to withdraw, in the presence of the bases from citizens weapon (at the same time the law grants police the right to consider weapon any subject which can be used as it);
- to forbid and limit an entrance of people and entrance of transport to the concrete place, or to demand from people to leave immediately the concrete place;
- to demand providing easy access to inhabited or other rooms when there is a threat of life, to health or property of citizens;
- to withdraw objects and to evacuate vehicles within control of offenses and administrative offenses;
- to use for implementation of the duties physical force, special means, office firearms, guard dogs and horses and also special technical means (video surveillance, devices of control of speed, metaldetectors, etc.).
Staff of municipal police is dressed in a uniform which uniform standard does not exist, in each of municipalities local police officers are dressed on the. But apparently, there are certain secret standards to which all municipalities adhere, the general style of a form and its color scale are in most cases similar.
For implementation of the functions and performance of objectives the staff of local police of the Czech municipalities is armed with firearms and a full arsenal of special means for suppression of active resistance of offenders. Office motor transport has a police coloring, is equipped with special signals and has the right of primary journey in the cases provided by the law.

it is possible to tell with confidence that in the Czech Republic the experiment on creation of local police service can be considered successful. Today the municipal police of the Czech cities and districts is effective law-enforcement structure capable to solve problems of any complexity regarding ensuring public order and safety of citizens, protection of their life, health and property.
It visually confirms also the fact that today the level of credibility to police among inhabitants of the Czech republic reached a historic high. Much of experience of the organization of activity of service of local police could be borrowed during creation of model of service of municipal police in Russia.

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the employee of municipal police of the city of Prague controls rules of the parking the patrol of municipal police by bicycles patrols streets of Prague cynologists of municipal police of Prague patrol streets with guard dogs photofixing of administrative offense

horse patrol of municipal police of Prague the squad of municipal police of Prague controls traffic the employee of municipal police of Prague ensures safety of pedestrians staff of municipal police of Prague protects the scene

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