Municipalities have no money for creation of own police

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often found comment of critics of an initiative whether so actually what funds from the budget allocated for safety are now spent for, we will consider it in this article

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As well as it was promised, we continue to answer the critical remarks stated to an initiative.

Municipalities have no money for creation of own police

too often found comment.
Probably, it is very good that at us so many citizens understand economy, municipal management, features of the budgetary policy and able to count municipal money.
Let's begin with the fact that municipal authorities have money for creation and maintenance of local law enforcement bodies and these are considerable funds, it is possible to be convinced of it visually.
For this purpose it is necessary to visit the official site of city administration in which you live and to look at the city budget adopted the current or last year, now this document is in open access and everyone can get acquainted with it.
Find the section «National Security and Law-enforcement Activity» (Section KBQ 0300) and look how many money is annually allocated and spent under this article, the sums considerable there.
At the same time I will remind that in our country all law enforcement agencies (the Ministry of Internal Affairs, FSB, National guard, Prosecutor's office) for 100% are financed from means of the federal budget, but not local. Respectively the city authorities from the budget do not spend anything for their contents.

On what means from municipal and regional budgets allocated under this article are spent?
Most often they are spent for creation and functioning of various police substitutes like national teams where the monthly reward is paid to all their participants from the local budget, and some social privileges are provided. And some municipalities went further away, began to create municipal services and the enterprises for type of the same police substitutes only already on full municipal contents. In difference from the same voluntary national teams which legally are public organizations the staff of the municipal enterprises is already full-fledged workers (and in some cases municipal employees) with which employment contracts are concluded and not remuneration, but salary is paid to them any more. It is possible to give such services and the enterprises as examples as: «Municipal inspection» to Shakhty, «Municipal militia» in Izhevsk and Zlatoust, «Municipal guards» in the Vologda and Belgorod regions.
In spite of the fact that in charters of all these organizations as the main objective it is specified – assistance to law enforcement agencies in ensuring public order and public safety in the territory of the city, upon any real influence on a situation they do not render. Employees of data the organizations have neither powers, nor opportunities for full prevention and control of offenses and administrative offenses, response to addresses of citizens about illegal acts. They cannot independently act and as auxiliary forces for police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation their efficiency raises serious doubts too.
In general real results of activity of all public and municipal organizations of law-enforcement orientation existing at the moment in our country is at the level of a statistical error, in other words – there are no these results. Opponents, of course, will challenge this statement and will give figures of official statistics where there will be hundreds of detected crimes and thousands of stopped administrative offenses. However many of those who served earlier or now serves in divisions of ensuring public order of police will confirm that all these indicators are doubtful approximately for 95%, just attributed these figures, for the reporting. As for the remained 5% that it crimes and administrative offenses which were opened and stopped by police officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation combatants or municipal guards and to them similar, at the same time just were present, at the same time without performing any useful function. All advantage of these formations consists that their participants sometimes can be used as the investigative actions understood at implementation or as additional witnesses of commission of offense. In other quality they cannot be used, they have no powers and opportunities to perform police functions. Therefore all activity of participants of these formations is limited to their presence at the structure of police patrols, police officers perceive this participation only as additional useless ballast of which they try to get rid quicker, except for cases when it becomes defiantly, for journalists or the high management. It is connected with the fact that among indicators on which divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation annually report there is point – Work with public formations of law-enforcement orientation.
Many, especially representatives of the senior generation, will not agree with these arguments and will cite as an example how it became at the time of the USSR when the help of Voluntary national teams really was good help in activity of militia and their contribution to protection of law and order on streets of the Soviet cities was rather powerful.
In my opinion, also I think many will agree with me, it is not absolutely correct example for today. The matter is that other country where inhabitants had essentially other relation to the law and to representatives of the government who controlled observance of this law was the USSR it absolutely. In addition, it should be taken into account also the fact that opportunities and tools the state for ensuring public order had much more in those days.
Now other country, other laws, and people have other moral reference points. Therefore I suggest to proceed from realities of today, but not to indulge in nostalgic memories of the past.
As you can see municipalities have funds for ensuring public order and safety, here they are only spent for different maintenance of police substitutes about which it is written above. Upon this money, and in scales of the country are billions of rubles, are spent for nothing because go for financing of the organizations and public formations which have no positive impact on a criminogenic situation in the cities. Besides own means the administration of municipalities under specific programs of increasing the level of security of citizens can receive regional and federal target subsidies.
At the same time expenditure of these means will bear in itself besides law-enforcement also social function. Tens, and somewhere will be created and hundreds of jobs, and are economy, on doles and social grants for the unemployed too. Besides 13% of wage fund will return back to the budget in the form of income tax.
If to glance a little further, then the financial benefit can be even more, considering that the municipal police can save not bad budget money, first of all due to suppression of activity of «city vandals» well familiar to much who consider the mission destruction of all around and mainly it is objects of municipal property. Such as stops of public transport, monuments, subjects to street lighting, bed, fences, open nurseries and sports grounds, shops, canopies and decorative objects in parks and squares.
Considerable funds are now spent for elimination of consequences of similar destructive «activity».
In addition, the municipal police will be engaged in identification and suppression of so unpopular local administrative offenses in the Ministry of Internal Affairs (do not go to the reporting). Namely these offenses for residents of the cities are one of the main irritants. These are the cars parked on lawns and playgrounds, night discos in apartments and on streets, the street «artists» painting and covering with inscriptions not always of the acceptable maintenance of a wall of houses, billposters of advertizing and also persons the considering entrances of houses and the street the personal toilet.
I will remind that penalties for violation of local laws completely come to the local budget.
It is also necessary to consider also the fact that the maintenance of municipal police is not so expensive as it seems at first sight, first of all at the expense of its small number. In one of the previous articles the example of the number of staff of division of municipal police on the example of the city with the population about 350 thousand inhabitants was given. The number of staff of department of municipal police was 98 employees, at the actual entry into protection of public order, not less than 15 police squads in day. For comparison, the division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation on such city has the number of staff about 1000 employees.
At the same time experience of the Czech Republic in the matter where quite successfully there is a practice of creation of the intermunicipal divisions of local police acting on the basis of agreements between several municipalities quite will be suitable for our country. In more detail we considered the matter in this article. If that is short, the similar system of the organization allows to save from 15 to 25% on the maintenance of division of municipal police and that is important, without loss as its work.
In addition to the aforesaid it would be desirable to add that many estimate creation of municipal police only as the consumer of budget money, and this wrong judgment. Costs of providing an order and safety of the city, it is perspective investments into its development which in the future will allow not only to pay off, but also to decently fill up the city budget.
Public order and safety the most important component of economy of any municipal unit or region. The city in which it is dangerous - does not develop, the perspective population leaves it, it is left by investors and businessmen. When the city authorities understand importance of this component and pay to this question enough attention, and results will not keep themselves waiting. Visually proved this statement and in detail Rudolph Giuliani who was the mayor of New York during the period from 1994 to 2001 described in the book.
In a nutshell that Giuliani accepted the city which at that time had glory of the most criminal city of the USA, economic indicators of New York too showed stable dynamics of decrease, city budget had huge deficiency. The first with what there began Giuliani there was a strengthening of city police and fight against crime. As the result, in 8 years of the being the mayor New York became one of the safest cities of the USA, dynamics of economic development of the city changed from negative on positive and steadily showed higher, than on average in the USA, rates of economic growth. In more detail, this example, we will surely sort in separate article.
Finally it would be desirable to ask those who like to count money – And how much is life or human health?
That person who was beaten to death by street punks for the fact that he not so looked at them or did not allow them to light. Or that teenager to whom morons from street gang broke a backbone with the purpose to take away from it phone or the bicycle and he became a disabled person until the end of life. Or that girl who fell a victim of group rape when on the way home came across the drunk company.
There is a lot of such examples, sometimes it is enough to open the section of the criminal chronicle in news.
Yes, all cannot be saved, it is difficult not to agree with it. But even if, emergence of municipal police will be able to save one life, that will not allow to cripple one destiny, probably, it with interest will pay back all money spent for its creation and activity.

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