Municipal police in information space

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in our century of total informatization of society prevention of offenses has to be conducted not only on streets or at personal reception of citizens, but also in information space

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Municipal police in information space

In our century of total informatization of society prevention of offenses has to be conducted not only on streets or at personal reception of citizens, but also in information space.
Here tools of municipal police have to become own website of division and community on popular social networks. Let's consider them in more detail.

Own resource of local police on the Internet has to become the main instrument of information work. It has to contain a maximum necessary for inhabitants and city visitors of information on activity of municipal police:
- its divisions in the territory of the city;
- their purposes, tasks and powers;
- the regulations regulating its activity;
- territorial and legal borders of activity (jurisdiction);
- governing bodies and supervision.
In addition, detailed explanations - about an order of the appeal both to local police, and in other law enforcement agencies, and ways of communication with them operating in the territory of municipality have to be placed.
Important point - in ways of communication on which it is necessary to pay special attention - for communication of citizens with bodies of municipal police besides habitual alternative means of communication with use of text messages have to be all telephone (voice) also. What it is necessary for - according to data of the Ministry of Health and Social Development, in Russia there are about 200 thousand hard of hearing persons and hearing-impaired citizens, will add to it the people having serious defects of the speech and maxillofacial injuries. These people can become the victims or eyewitnesses of crimes too, however owing to the physiological features cannot use phone directly, and the police do not offer different ways of an emergency communication to them today.
This situation has to be corrected especially as it does not require today difficult technical solutions any more. There are special programs (messengers) for exchange text messages which are in any smartphone. They need to be entered into number of ways of an emergency communication of citizens with police.
Also the website has to contain the sections devoted to prevention of crimes. Here it is important to pay attention to crimes in the most information of space, such as fraud.
Special attention has to be paid to the section of prevention of illegal acts concerning children and teenagers.
The analysis of such threats has to be kept in municipal police constantly, and the separate section has to be devoted to their prevention. On the basis of conclusions of such analytical work, information in this section has to be corrected constantly taking into account all arriving information. In addition, on its basis for parents and teachers special instructions and instructions on security measures of children and teenagers who have to be led up as in educational institutions, and at home have to be developed.
Also new have to be developed or be modernized the existing, useful electronic services directed to minimization of risks for children to become the victims of crimes.
Also the website has to contain electronic forms for feedback with citizens and the organizations. The section of feedback surely has to contain detailed explanations about questions of competence what the citizen would understand what questions, are under authority of municipal police and with what it is necessary to address to other law enforcement agencies.
At the same time in the section of feedback an opportunity for the anonymous address and also a possibility of communication with the employee of municipal police in real time has to be surely realized.
In addition, on the website an opportunity for residents to express the opinion on the most information resource has to be realized. As far as it is convenient for use by all categories of citizens, including children, physically disabled people and also what else information inhabitants would like to see on the website.

Social networks
In the 21st century, probably, it is already difficult to imagine the organization which does not have the account at least on one of social networks, and the municipal police should not become an exception here.
Accounts of municipal police have to be submitted on several most popular social networks.
Communities have to meet the main requirements of a modern fast rhythm of life, namely to be active and informative. Quickly publishing data on incidents and the related negative consequences, for example, the jams caused by the road accidents.
In addition, information of preventive character, useful to citizens, has to be published. Today for our country of the most relevant there could be information on schemes of fraud, widespread in municipality and the region. The number of such crimes is rather high today, and judging by a trend, in the near future the number of crimes of this look will steadily grow. Partially, it is connected with the fact that at the moment effective strategy, active counteraction to this type of crime does not exist not in our country, abroad. Swindlers constantly change schemes of deception of people therefore in the only productive way of counteraction there is a prevention so far.
Here the efficiency of the notification is important, the earlier information on a new way of commission of fraud will be brought to the population, the less people will suffer from actions of criminals. Social networks are suitable for this purpose in the best way.
The two-way communication with subscribers has to be surely established. The municipal police in the information work has to strive for openness and dialogue with citizens, to learn to listen to them even if what they tell not always pleasantly.
Adjustment of a two-way communication with residents, is the first step to establishment of trusting relationship with them, and it is a main goal of municipal police in work with the population. If the vast majority of citizens does not trust local police, then in its existence just there is no sense.
However here it is important to understand that the trust it will appear not at once. At the first stage it is necessary to listen in the address many claims and critics, at the same time not always fair. But unfortunately, it though a negative, but natural part of work of police, is important to stock up with patience and endurance here. It is necessary to perceive critical remarks first of all adequately, not to ignore them (except cases of frank rudeness and insults), then gradually dialogue will begin to be built in the constructive course.
To replace unfounded charges and emotions will gradually come, objective assessment of opportunities and actions of police. Gradually people (at least their reasonable majority) will understand that the page of municipal police on social network is not the ground for slopping of a negative, and the place where it is possible to give information or on the contrary to receive it, to learn about the measures taken according to this information, to get advice on the question entering competence of local police service.
It is clear, that on social networks nobody is insured from not absolutely adequate persons, but frank Internet hooligan, but this problem is solved, by competent moderating of messages.
In addition, pages of municipal police on social networks have to become for citizens the reliable and entrusted sources of important information on an operational situation in the territory of the city.
Emergency situations on roads, municipal accidents if they can constitute danger to people, other risks and threats, all this has to appear quickly in a news feed, with explanations about the taken measures and whenever possible recommendations for citizens of how for itself to minimize these risks.
Of course the subject of activity of local police service in information space is more extensive and within one article it is simply impossible to describe all areas of work in the field. Today I stated only a general view of a situation, and we will surely sort details in future articles.
It is important to remember that work in information space has to answer a main goal of local police service - to become Police for people.

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