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the website is created for support of a public initiative about creation in Russia of municipal police

Our website is created for support and drawing attention to a public initiative about creation and development in Russia of such institute of local governments as - Municipal police.
Group of authors of the project - members of public organizations of veterans of the local military conflicts of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug Yugra and also the being and acting law enforcement officers of the district.
Tragic events in the city of Surgut occurred on August 19, 2017 were of development of an initiative the cause.
Then in the downtown, the criminal armed with a knife and the axe and also who had at himself a model of the explosive device at first made set fire in shopping center then carried out a number of attacks on passersby on the street. 7 residents then suffered from its actions.
These events then caused a huge public response among residents of Surgut and the district, and again made relevant a question which already repeatedly was brought up by inhabitants of Yugra, this safety of citizens.
On social networks and on meetings inhabitants demanded from the municipal and district authorities of real measures for strengthening of safety of residents of the district, even proposals on creation of national and public community defense volunteer squads were made.
But that can actually make local authorities for strengthening of safety of the population? The complexity is that the current legislation, actually completely deprives local governments of opportunities to influence a condition of public order and safety. In Russia the police deal with issues of ensuring public order, and the police are the federal executive authority completely independent of local authorities. The management of police on places, is carried out only by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, by the vertical principle, and only the Ministry of Internal Affairs has rights to set to police divisions daily tasks.
Thus, everything that local governments regarding ensuring public order and safety of the population can - it is to send the offers and requests to the address of the local or higher police management.
Use for protection of an order of various «police substitutes» like voluntary national teams, according to the being and acting police officers a measure absolutely useless. These formations have practically no legal powers even against small offenders, and in situations of collision with aggressive groups or the armed offenders such «combatants» rather will become the victims, than will protect people around.
According to us, in the developed situation, one – investment of local governments of municipal units with the right for creation of municipal police can only be the only effective measure. Given the basic police rights regarding ensuring public order and public safety in borders of municipal units.
The municipal police is not urged to replace with itself police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, its task to add and strengthen possibilities of Federal Police regarding ensuring public order and public safety in the territory of service. The municipal police has to be created by the decision of local governments of the municipal unit, is under its expeditious supervision and to contain completely at the expense of means of the local budget. All this formed the basis of our initiative.
Within work on an initiative us it was developed - the draft federal law «About Municipal Police in the Russian Federation» and some other the regulations regulating issues of its activity. All specified projects are posted on our website in the section «Documents».

We invite to participation in development of the project of all to whom this initiative is interesting. We will be glad to your offers, amendments and constructive criticism.

Results of work on the project in 2019

Statistics of the site and group, activity of participants, data of public opinion polls, attitude of people to the initiative.
Conclusions on the current situation of the project and prospects for its further development...

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