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site of a public initiative to create in the Russian Federation such an institution of local self-government bodies as - municipal (local) police

 public initiative project «Municipal Police of Russia» closed

Brief history of the project and reasons for its closure.

The project website was launched on December 01, 2017 to draw attention to the public initiative to partially reform the law enforcement system of Russia by giving local authorities the right to create such a service as the municipal (local) police.

The fact is that in the system of law enforcement agencies of Russia, the police is a subject of the state (federal) executive power, all its units, regardless of location, are subordinate only to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, according to a single, vertical model of management. Such a system of organizing the activities of the police has a number of significant shortcomings, primarily related to the territorial structure of Russia, as a federal state. A huge country, a low population density, a large number of internal entities, each of which has its own characteristics: historical, cultural, religious, national and others. Also, Russian crime has its own, largely unique features, it also differs in territorial terms depending on the region and type of settlement. All this requires an individual approach to ensuring public order, security, protecting the life, health and property of people from criminal attacks, the current system of activity of the Russian police Mr. can provide this.
Based on the above, as well as taking into account new threats to human security, especially those of a terrorist nature, a group of enthusiasts from among former and active law enforcement officers of Russia, this project was developed as a public initiative.

As part of the work on the initiative, a draft federal law «On the municipal police in the Russian Federation» and a number of other regulatory legal acts governing its activities have been developed. In addition, a number of articles were published on the analysis of foreign experience in the creation and effective use of local police services, the possibility of adapting such practices for use in Russia was considered. Publications were also published, where issues were considered, about the initiative, its feasibility, the possibility of its implementation as an experiment in several regions of the country.
A separate section is devoted to articles where a possible role was explored that the municipal police could occupy in the law enforcement system of Russia. Models were investigated of what (often very old) problems in the organization of public order and security could solve the creation of such a service, or positively affect the situation.

Unfortunately, for almost two and a half years, the initiative did not arouse interest either from the authorities or from the population. The results of the study of public opinion also showed a negative attitude towards such an initiative among the vast majority of Russian residents. In this regard, work on the initiative was stopped and on April 15, 2020 the project was finally closed.
Of course, as the author and editor of the project, I am especially sad to close it, given how much effort was invested in its creation. But, unfortunately, the attitude towards such initiatives in Russian society is extremely negative and nothing can be done about it, so it is much easier to come to terms with it. Apparently, for such projects in Russia, the time has simply not come, people are not yet ready for this.

We need to move on!
To begin with, I want to express my most sincere gratitude to all those who helped me work on the project, and among them there were many colleagues from other countries. Despite the fact that we live in different countries and speak different languages, we are all united by common goals and interests - to make people's lives safer, to protect them from crime and terrorism. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I have many supporters who work on similar projects in other countries of the world, study the experience of their and other countries in countering modern threats, develop new tactics and methods to ensure the security of citizens, to increase the effectiveness of the police and other law enforcement agencies in countering crime and terrorism.
There are not many people in the world who are interested in such problems, even fewer who are engaged in the search for practical solutions that could positively affect the security of people in reality. In this regard, I began work on a new project, its goal is to unite these people, to become a link between like-minded people from all over the world. In the future, the project should become a serious electronic platform for the joint work of police and other law enforcement agencies, criminologists, researchers, security specialists, journalists and just enthusiasts. Work together on projects, share their ideas, practical experience, express opinions, make reviews, recommendations, objective criticism, and conduct a collective reflection on emerging tasks. All this without politics, without pressure, without bias, with respect for any opinion and interlocutor.
I really hope that the new project will become a convenient platform for connoisseurs and enthusiasts who have something to tell and offer. That it will provide them with the opportunity to declare themselves and their professional opportunities, will allow to put scientific developments into practice, to benefit people.
I invite all like-minded people to participate in the work on the project. It does not matter from which countries you are of what sex or age, it does not matter at all if you have scientific papers or degrees. Only one thing is important - you have the desire to help people and contribute to the fight against crime and terrorism in the world. If you have such a desire, then I will be very happy for you in the author's team. Welcome to the Public Order and Safety Project!

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