Municipal (local) police in Russia - a public initiative

a site to support public initiative to create in Russia such an institution in the system of local self-government as a municipal (local) police service

 Municipal (local) police in Russia - a public initiative

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The site was launched on December 01, 2017, the main purpose of its creation was to draw attention to the public initiative, on a partial reform of the law enforcement system of Russia, by giving local governments the right to create such a service as the municipal (local) police.

The fact is that in the system of law enforcement agencies of Russia, the police is an integral part of the state (federal) executive power, all its units, regardless of their location, are subordinated only to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, according to a single, vertical management model. Such a system of organization of police services has a number of significant drawbacks associated primarily with the territorial structure of Russia as a federal state. A huge territory, low population density, a large number of internal subjects (republics, autonomous regions and districts), each of which has its own, often unique features: historical, cultural, religious, national and others. All this requires an individual approach to ensuring public order, security, protection of life, health and property of people from criminal encroachments, taking into account local peculiarities. The existing law enforcement system, to the fullest extent, cannot provide this, so it has long been in need of updating and reforming.
On the basis of the above, as well as taking into account constantly emerging security threats of criminal and terrorist nature, a group of enthusiasts, from among former and current law enforcement officers, as well as other specialists and researchers in the field of criminology and public safety, developed this public initiative.

As part of the work on the initiative, a draft federal law «On Municipal (Local) Police in the Russian Federation» and a number of other normative acts regulating the main part of issues of its creation and activities, legal and social status of its officers were developed. In addition, a number of articles were prepared and published, dedicated to the analysis of foreign experience in the creation and effective use of local police services in different countries, as well as different models of its adaptation for use in Russia. In addition, materials were published that addressed the most frequently asked questions about the initiative, its feasibility, and the possibility of its implementation as an experiment in several regions of the country.
A separate section is devoted to articles that discuss the possible role that the municipal (local) police could play in the law enforcement system of Russia. Various areas of its application and what (often very old) problems in the organization of public order and security could be positively affected by the creation of such a service were considered.
In April 2020, work on the initiative was temporarily suspended for a number of reasons.
In July 2022, work was resumed, but in a modified format. According to the new concept, the site will remain only as a kind of «showcase», it will contain only basic information, mostly of a reference nature, the main platforms will now be a blog and a group in one of the social networks*.

* In the future, other communities on other resources and messengers are also possible, it all depends on the availability of time and opportunities. The fact is that at the moment, I am practically alone working on the site and its auxiliary resources.

The approach to presenting information has changed - now everything will be built on the principle of modeling the potential of the municipal (local) police in solving specific problems, on the example of a single city. In simple terms, situations will be considered in comparison: «so it is now» and «so it could be». A kind of hypothetical experiment, allowing a clear and more detailed examination and evaluation of the opportunities offered by the proposed initiative.
An important importance is now attached to feedback, discussions, comments, additions, suggestions, and other interactive possibilities. An outside view, from a different angle, analysis of details, evaluation of arguments, reasoned doubts and constructive criticism, all this will help to improve and complement the projects and ideas proposed in the initiative, to make them more suitable and relevant for practical implementation.
As well as before, I invite to participate in the work on the project all those who are interested in this initiative, specialists and simply interested in issues of public order, security and law enforcement. I will be very grateful for comments, reviews and judgments from practitioners previously or currently working in the municipal (local) police services of other countries.

International Project on «Public Order and Safety».
In parallel with the relaunch of the initiative, a new project is being worked on, its goal is to unite these people, to become a link between like-minded people from all over the world. In the future it should become a serious electronic platform for cooperation between police and other law enforcement agencies, criminologists, researchers, security specialists, journalists, bloggers and just enthusiasts. To work together on projects, share ideas and practical experience, express opinions, make reviews, give recommendations, analyze criticism, and conduct collective reflection on emerging challenges. And all this without politics, without pressure, without bias, with respect for every opinion and interlocutor.
I hope very much that the new project will become a convenient platform for those who are interested in public safety, fighting crime and terrorism, who have something to say and to offer.
Thanks to it, they will have an opportunity to make themselves and their professional capabilities known, to bring their scientific developments to life, and to benefit people.
I invite everyone to take part in the project. It does not matter what countries you come from, what gender and age you are, it does not matter at all if you have scientific works or scientific degrees. The only thing that matters is that you have a desire to help people and contribute to the fight against crime and terrorism in the world. If you have such a desire, I would be very happy for you to be among the authors and participants of the «Public Order and Safety» Project!

Editor-in-Chief - Roman Grishin.

the original text has been translated into English by means of technical translation, the original text has not been written in English. I apologize in advance if the meaning of some proposals is incorrectly transmitted.