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rules of registration and placement on the website and in group, articles, amendments and additions in drafts of regulations, the requirement to registration that is forbidden to be published

rules of registration and placement of articles and other materials on the website and in group

You can send us the articles on subject of the website, questions, subjects for new publications which are interesting to you. Send them to the e-mail address of or through our group on social network VKontakte.
Not important what do you think of our initiative, we absolutely normally perceive opinions of sceptics and constructive criticism. Such opinions are even welcomed therefore as allow to see «from outside» the available disputed issues, to correct something, or on the contrary to consecrate in separate article in more detail this or that moment.
At the direction to us of materials for the publication on the website and in group we ask to consider the following rules:

It is forbidden
1. Insults in any form, individuals or communities, because of national, racial, religious, social, professional, political or other identity.
2. Statements or appeals of extremist orientation, to individuals or any social groups.
3. Use of offensive language.
In addition it is necessary to consider also that, our resource out of policy, from a word absolutely. We do not consider political affairs and we do not participate in discussion of political subjects. We do not give support and we do not oppose certain political figures, political parties, movements or other political communities.
Also to the publication articles on other subjects which are not corresponding to subject of a resource are not accepted.

Dear colleagues from other countries!

The being or acting staff of municipal (local) police in other countries. We would be very grateful if you shared with us and our readers experience of the service in divisions of municipal police.
Send us the articles, tell about the service, functions, tasks, features. We will surely publish them. Even better if the photo and video records with comments and explanations are attached to articles.

send the articles, amendments and questions to the e-mail address

or offer in our group

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