Completing of divisions of municipal police

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today in the heading «Alternative Opinion» we bring to your attention article of our subscriber where he expresses the opinion on the principles of completing of divisions of municipal police

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Completing of divisions of municipal police

Heading - «Alternative Opinion»
Today we bring to your attention article of our subscriber Alexander Petrov where he expresses the opinion on the principles of completing of divisions of municipal police.
Attention: editorial opinion can not coincide with opinion of the author. It is published without reductions, the spelling and a punctuation of the author are kept.

Creation of municipal police (further MP) is intended to correct those errors of the Ministry of Internal Affairs which led (and bring) to inefficient implementation of functions on protection of public order and public safety. And one of the main questions, along with the system of assessment of activity and the organization of service, is the question of completing of divisions of MP. How the organization of service and whatever perfect was the system of assessment was thought over if objectives could not be carried out, all idea is doomed to failure.
It is no secret that one of the reasons of inefficiency of work of divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is the terrifying staff shortage. And to avoid similar in MP it is necessary to understand the reason of its emergence in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The main reasons for shortage in the Ministry of Internal Affairs it is possible to call:

Conditions of service:
under told the burdens accompanying service, so to say, and deprivations, and a set of restrictions besides working hours are not meant. For example: a constant opportunity to be alarmed, need to be constantly «in touch», visits by the management at the place of residence, need to ask for leave at the management if it is necessary to leave far from the city in the lawful day off, etc. Generally, situation is much similar about situation conditionally condemned being under administrative supervision. And all this for the salary, small to present measures.
Excessively overestimated requirements to candidates for service:
the candidate has to have ideal health (in front divisions only with group of suitability A1), the ideal biography, and not only the but also the immediate family, well and, naturally, psychodiagnostics and a polygraph (on which can refuse to the person reception on service because he when that in early youth tried soft drugs (marijuana for example).

Now we will sort the aforesaid in more detail:
When performing the duties, from police often it is required to mobilize additional forces, besides the employees who are on service. For this purpose there is such concept as «rise on alarm». Continuous stay waiting for a summons for work, cannot but render to negative reaction at employees. And kind of the person loved the work, he needs to have a rest from it, otherwise enough work begins to cause hostility with all that it implies soon. As the solution of the matter can be offered the system practicing in one of divisions of the Federal Penitentiary Service. Namely appointment among the employees leaving on day off of group of reaction, in other words, at rise on alarm arrive to it roofing felt a part of staff, the others do not worry in any way… As a result employees have full days off on which nobody limits them in freedom of movement. That concerning, visits at the place of residence within individual educational work and invasion into personal space of employees, this practice is approved by orders of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and for MP is not obligatory at all and is not desirable for new service.
Requirements to candidates, besides desire of the employer, are regulated by some third-party normative legal acts, and unfortunately impose some restrictions. Unfairly high requirements to health of candidates considerably reduce the choice for the employer, not that candidate who is really ready to serve honestly and is capable of it on the business qualities as a result can be employed, and that who approached in formal parameters (it very much reminds a difference between the real situation on streets and beautiful figures in reports, no more than a facade). Or to some discrepancies «eyes are closed». This situation is inadmissible for municipal police as as the small lie and begins with such «trifles» decomposition of a system. If it is objectively impossible to recruit employees suitable in all respects, means it is necessary to bring closer requirements to reality, but at the same time pronouncedly to observe these requirements (simplification of tasks together with control toughening). As it was already written above, not everything depends on desire of the employer. Therefore it is necessary to lower as much as possible requirements to candidates within the existing legislation in respect of health. Actually, health it is necessary to the police officer no more than to the employee of private protection, that is any is suitable except persons with limited opportunities (disabled people 1 and 2 groups). And if to carry out diagnostics of the acting police officers in strict accordance with regulatory requirements, their most part will be unsuitable to service for health reasons, however regularly this service is born and cope with everything. Instead of tough selection in policlinic, it is necessary to focus on physical training of candidates, their psychological suitability and moral and business qualities.
All above-mentioned will allow to expand considerably the choice of potential employees, so to create really worthy collective, and further to exclude the employees discriminating themselves, having replaced them with newcomers.

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many thanks to Alexander for the sent material. We will state the position on the question considered by the author in one of the next publications.

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