Role of municipal police in the law-enforcement system of Russia

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in the section articles about municipal police as component of a system of law enforcement agencies of our country, its opportunities regarding ensuring public order and public safety, to issues of interaction with the MIA of the Russian Federation are collected

role of municipal police in the law-enforcement system of Russia

in this section articles connected with activity of municipal police as a component of a system of law enforcement agencies of Russia are collected. The hypothetical possibilities of municipal police to affect positively various problem directions in life of society caused or connected with illegal activity are mainly considered.
Also questions of interaction of municipal police with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and National guard of Russia regarding joint ensuring public order and public safety are considered.

Safety of schools
part 1 - Foreign experience.
School as an object of the increased danger, modern threats and as to resist to them. The analysis of experience of the USA in use of special divisions of municipal police for safety of schools. Possibility of application of such experience in Russia.
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Public safety and Comfortable living environment
in this article we will consider the following questions - why municipal authorities when developing the strategy of development for the regions and cities ignore such direction as – public order and safety of citizens? What influence and on what spheres of development could the municipal police render?
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Organization of work of municipal police with the population
has to become one of the priority directions in activity of bodies of municipal (local) police. Let's consider the principles of the organization, the purpose and task, a reaction order, the reporting, examples and also opinions of sceptics in this question
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Strategy realization of «Zero tolerance» - the main task of municipal police
in this article we will consider the basic principles of this strategy, we will sort an indicative example of its practical application and results achieved at the same time and also a possibility of application of this strategy in Russia with use of forces and means of municipal police
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Tasks of municipal police of prevention of offenses
the priority directions, tactics and strategy, what campaign in prevention of offenses have to use divisions of municipal police for achievement of maximum efficiency in ensuring public order and public safety in the territory of the municipal units served by them
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Municipal police in information space
in our century of total informatization of society prevention of offenses has to be conducted not only on streets, but also in information space. Here the main tools of municipal police it is own website and communities on social networks, we will consider them in more detail
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Who has to control observance of traffic regulations and why?
in this article we will consider a question of safety on roads and control of observance of traffic regulations. Who in our country has to be engaged in it: Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, private companies or local authorities?
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