Our view of problematic issues of completing and service

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last time we published Alexander Petrov's article where he stated the opinion of a number of problem points in questions of completing of municipal police, today, as promised, we will state the position on these questions

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Our view of problematic issues of completing and service

Last time we published article of our subscriber Alexander Petrov in which he stated the opinion of a number of the problem, according to it, moments in questions of completing of municipal police. In the publication Alexander proceeded from those problems, with completing which, according to him, exist in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation today. Today, as well as we promised we will state the position on those problematic issues which were brought up by Alexander in the material. We agree with some statements which Alexander specified in the article, in whole or in part, with some is not present, in this publication we will explain why.

A constant opportunity to be alarmed
Yes such feature is, but it is one of specific features of service in police at what in any though in state though in municipal. And the person who arrives on service has to understand accurately it that at any moment of him can alarm. When the citizen puts on a uniform and takes the oath, he thereby confers on himself the increased responsibility and accepts additional duties. One of such duties to be ready at any time to come to the rescue of citizens, to protect their life, health and property, in those situations when opportunities of the employees who are on service for this purpose are not enough. Alas, but emergency situations do not choose time and the place convenient for the person. And if the person is not ready to it, then, probably, service in police it not for him. Other question that today in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation of 95% of all rises on alarm are educational and are not connected with emergency situations (well if of course not to refer to those arrival of the next checking). Also some police heads in general took for practice to use educational alarms as a measure of intimidation or punishment for staff.
Such practice needs really to be eradicated, the tough regulations which would limit excessive freedom of action of officials in this question are for this purpose necessary.
One two times a year, for check of operability of algorithms of the notification and readiness of staff are quite enough. Any excessive office eagerness of heads in this part, has to be punished in a disciplinary order.
In municipal police control will be defined also by the budget. The educational alarm from the moment of its introduction, to a signal «Release» takes on average about 4 hours which the staff needs to pay, and according to the law it is necessary to pay this time for the double tariff. This money has to be planned by the budget in advance - all is allocated for a year of funds for payment of two educational alarms and on it. Then any head will understand that in case of excess of this limit, he can be brought not only to disciplinary responsibility, but also to criminal according to Article 285.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

Visits by the management at the place of residence
It is difficult not to agree with this argument. For more than 10 years of application of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation of this practice, not in what positive results it did not result as will not bring and in the near future. To the management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, it is just necessary to remember (and can realize at last) the fact that the police officer is an adult, capable and capable person and the citizen, respectively everything that occurs at his place - it is his especially personal record. So far nobody cancelled its right to inviolability of the dwelling and private life guaranteed by the Constitution. It would be much better if in Department of public service and personnel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation attended to other question – and whether the employee has in general this «residence» and whether it at least corresponds to elementary social norms? But it is possible to ask about it also the employee provided that the management has a desire and an opportunity not only to learn about this problem, but also to help with its decision. If is not present, then and it does not make sense to ask.

Need to ask for leave at the management if it is necessary to leave far from the city in the lawful day off
We too in the most part agree with this statement. It takes place to be, but most often it is «amateur performance» of local heads who issue similar orders, without thinking of their legality. According to us, in municipal police the matter has to be adjusted by the separate regulatory legal act in which the exhaustive list of the bases for temporary introduction of a similar measure has to be registered. Introduction of similar measures regarding an allowing order is admissible, for example, in the cases provided by the Federal law of March 6, 2006 No. 35-FZ «About counteraction to terrorism» and the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of June 14, 2012 No. 851 when in the territory of service a certain level of terrorist danger is entered. This regime according to the specified regulations can be introduced for the term of no more than 15 days. During the specified period the employee will be obliged to coordinate with the management departure out of borders of the settlement on the weekend. It is necessary in order that in case the mode of threat turns into the actual emergency situation the head knew during what time and how many employees it will be able to collect.

Unfairly high requirements to health of candidates
According to us, there is nothing unfairly overestimated in these requirements. They quite standard and explainable from a position of future office tasks which are set for the employee. As it was already specified earlier, the Security guard and patrol service (further SGPS) has to become the main force of municipal police. Many not absolutely understand what the service what tasks it carries out and what features at it therefore mistakenly consider that requirements of the validity in SGPS on an equal basis with OMON special forces and SOBR (special purpose Russian police divisions) are obviously overestimated are.
In a nutshell that SGPS is the main service of police which is providing protection of public order on streets and in other public places, carrying out primary measures of check and response to messages about incidents.
The first that needs to be known, is the schedule of work, in the majority it everywhere is identical, at service in the usual mode (without strengthening) it two days running for 12 hours (taking into account a lunch) then two days off. Employees of SGPS serve as a part of stationary posts, pedestrian or autopatrols.
The service in SGPS is connected with very big loadings, sometimes all 11 hours of change to have all the time to be in the pedestrian movement with rare, short stops. Now imagine as a part of such patrol of the person with flat-footedness. For a long time it will last?
Other example, situations in service are different and sometimes several hours in a row are necessary, and even all change to serve in a bullet-proof vest and a steel protective helmet. At the same time not in a sitting position, and standing or moving a pedestrian order, and there are situations that in such equipment it is necessary and to run. How many will sustain in such equipment of people with scoliosis? Similarly with hearing and sight, police SGPS, on service has to use these two feelings for all 100%, see and hear more and better, than others. Surely distinguishing faces, reading car numbers, to hear steps, calls for help, other important sounds and all this at the greatest possible distance. At the person with problems of sight and hearing this distance is considerably reduced.
The question – whether Is necessary on the street such police officer who sees and hears worse than the criminal?
In addition, considering specifics of service in SGPS, the police officer not seldom should face active resistance from offenders, to receive blows including on the person, respectively use of points or contact lenses creates the increased risk of a trauma for eyes.
The replaceable and unrationed operating schedule in general is contraindicated to people with chronic diseases. Also on most of them physical activities are contraindicated, and to employees of SGPS not rarely to have physically to give all the best both on the street at suppression of offenses, and on occupations in the gym which have to be held on a regular basis.
Service in SGPS only at first sight, apparently, idle time which is not demanding from the candidate of special skills and qualities. Actually it is daily, serious physical and emotional activities which not everyone is capable to sustain. Therefore also requirements in SGPS are similar to requirements to the staff of special purpose divisions. According to us, these requirements are absolutely fair.
For the same at whom is ineradicable, but tolerances on health and are desire to serve society, in municipal police there are other structural divisions and positions not less important and not less responsible. It is a control room, the headquarters, material security and maintenance, here requirements to health of candidates are slightly lower because specifics of their daily tasks another.
As for entrance testing and assessment of a moral and psychological condition of candidates, this subject is close is connected with a number of the closed features of HR department which to discuss we have no both the right, and professional skills. The only thing what it would be desirable to tell about, that efficiency of application of these techniques, as well as objectivity of their conclusions, a question really very disputable. It not our opinion, but a position of a considerable part of experts in the field of psychology.
As for involvement of qualitative list of candidates for service, here, according to us, everything is much more prosy. The best motivation, than good conditions of service, the human relation of the management and worthy compensation it is not thought up yet. If these conditions are met, then such problem as staff deficit of municipal police will not threaten, and when completing will allow to arrange not formal, but the actual competitive selection.
In general we regarding the moments agree with Alexander's position which he stated in the article, in a part is not present. Alexander stated the arguments, we the, but there is a wish to note that it is only our opinion and we do not apply for the ultimate truth.

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Once again we thank Alexander for active participation in the project and we wait for new articles. The fact that we have different opinions on these or those questions it is even good because it allows to look at a problem under different corners. We consider that the more various opinions, the better.

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