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Project Author Information

My name is Grishin Roman, I am the author of most publications of this site.
For almost 20 years I have been engaged in research in criminology, especially in the study of the phenomenon of street crime. My research is devoted to finding effective ways to counter crime on the streets and in other public places, to improving the effectiveness of the police in ensuring public order. Of these, about 10 years of practice, I worked for the Russian police, where I started as a patrol police officer, and finished as inspector of the Department of Public Order and Security of the city police department.
All these years I have collected information and analyzed modern threats both criminal and terrorist, studied tactics of actions of criminals and terrorists, and analyzed information about the best Russian and foreign police practices in countering these threats. Based on these studies, I wrote articles and developed projects.
In 2017, I created this website where I posted my main project on the establishment of a municipal police service. In addition, on the website I posted a number of articles on improving the effectiveness of the police, measures to improve the protection of people from the crime of terrorism.
Unfortunately in Russia, no one needs my developments. I have not found support not in society not in the authorities, ordinary people this topic is simply not interesting, and officials oppose, because the projects proposed by me are unfavourable for them. The police in our country are highly centralized and any attempt to change this is suppressed by any available means. In general, the situation can be described in such a way that in Russia everything related to security, fight against crime and terrorism belongs to the absolute monopoly of state executive bodies. No one listens to the opinion of ordinary people in these issues, all this leads to the fact that in our country there are increasingly high-profile crimes, people do not feel safe, fear for their children. The police simply pretend that nothing is happening, which continues to make the situation worse.
In this regard, I would like to find like-minded people in other countries who are engaged in research in criminology, crime and terrorism. Perhaps you will be able to find something interesting in my developments, maybe we together will be able to create something new and useful for people. If I cannot implement my ideas and be useful for Russia, I may be able to do so for the people of another country, making their lives safer.
I am ready to share my ideas and practices, many of which have not yet been published, to listen to your ideas and proposals, perhaps together we will be able to create something new and useful for people.

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