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 Roman Grishin - editor in chief of the website

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Leading developer of the public initiative to create municipal (local) police services in Russia, author and chief editor of the website (and related resources) for informational support of this initiative.
He lives and works in Russia and has a law degree. In the past he worked in the Russian police for about 10 years, started his career as a patrol policeman, finished as an inspector of the public order and security department of the city police department, later worked in the security services of companies and banks, headed the association of heads of private security companies (organizations) in his city.
For over 20 years, independently engaged in criminological research, the main direction - combating street crime and terrorism, as well as - ensuring the safety of educational institutions and places with mass attendance of children from threats of criminal, terrorist and other nature.
He is the author of a number of articles on the website of the «Public Order and Safety» Project.

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